Our members can dine with us at any time, but we do invite guests to join us for lunch, dinner or a special event by using a one-time Guest Pass. The Guest Pass process is very simple. Please email or call our Dining Manager, Kyle Tine, at kyle@nebraskaclub.net or 402-476-3228 to make a reservation. We will fill out the Guest Pass with your name, phone number and e-mail address and file that after you visit us.

Our event spaces are available to the public for a rental fee. Members book our various spaces free of charge.

Reservations are preferred.

Business casual. Ties and blazers are not required. Jeans are not preferred but are OK in the Lounge.

Please view membership rates and additional information, and apply on our website here.

If you have more questions about membership, our management team can be reached at management@nebraskaclub.net or 402-476-2164.

Please see our membership rates here. If you have additional questions about membership, management team can be reached at management@nebraskaclub.net or 402-476-2164.

Several things:

    • Our members enjoy the luxury of booking any of our spaces (from our small meeting rooms, our elegant dining room to our large banquet room) with no rental fee. 
    • Members are invited to special events, such as multi-course meals, intimate wine tastings and gatherings celebrating various holidays.

As a member of the Nebraska Club, you have the privilege to visit clubs all over the world that we are partnered with. If you are traveling and would like to visit another private club, please contact our management team, and they will write a Letter of Introduction for you and send it to the reciprocal club in advance so the Club can expect and welcome your visit. The management team can be reached at management@nebraskaclub.net and 402-476-2164. Our reciprocal club list can be found here.

Summer hours went into effect June 3, 2019. Summer hours are: 

    • We are open for lunch Monday through Friday, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    • We are open for dinner Monday through Friday, but on our slower nights of Mondays and Wednesdays, we offer our Summer Limited Dinner Menu. 
    • Our restaurant is open Monday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Friday from 4:30 to 9:00 p.m. 
    • We are closed on Saturdays this summer with the exception of events and advance reservations of 8 people or more. Thank you!

Service charges are standard in the club and event industries. The percentage is different for restaurant tickets and for banquet tickets.

    • Restaurant side: At the end of your meal when you receive your printed ticket you will see a service charge that is 20 percent of your total bill. 7 percent of the total bill goes to your server and the other 13 percent goes to the Club, to help pay our servers, which are paid just over Nebraska’s minimum wage. But they do work hard to memorize our menus and our member names and faces, and give you great service, so an additional tip is of course always appreciated.
    • Banquet side: Every event is taxed with a 22 percent service charge. Five percent of the total bill goes to the server or servers of the party.

Start by estimating the number of people of your event to determine which Nebraska Club room or rooms would work best for you. 

    • Our rooms are pictured and described here.
    • The rental prices of each room are listed here
    • Our banquet packet with all pricing information including rooms and menu options is here.
    • Members rent our venue spaces free of charge. If a member agrees to sponsor your event, the room rental fee is cut in half.
    • As a brief overview, the total cost of an event is: Food subtotal (appetizers, meals, desserts) + alcohol total, if any + 2% state tax + 7% state tax + 22% service charge. The room fee and additional set-up fees are not taxed and are added to the ticket after the food, alcohol and taxes.
    • Contact the Events Coordinator with questions and to see if a space is available for your event! 402-476-3228 and annie@nebraskaclub.net.

Our entire club seats 275. Our banquet room seats 150. The banquet room can be made smaller or can expand into additional spaces as we have panels that slide on tracks to form walls or disappear into a subtle cubby. We have several options to suit many event styles and sizes. Our Stadium Room and Capitol Room have both been booked multiple times for marriage proposals!  Please see the capacities of each room here.

Yes! Our lunch and dinner menu notes which items are gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan. We are happy to modify any dish for you. Ask your server any questions. As for banquets, we can certainly cater to any dietary restrictions! We appreciate any requests, such as a plated gluten-free meal for an individual, seven days in advance to your event along with your finalized details.

Yes and yes! Tuesdays is Jazz Night with a live musician in the Lounge and three dinner specials at reduced prices. Fridays we have the lovely Jim Koudelka on piano, playing familiar tunes and we are serving up prime rib! Please see the member newsletter for more information about monthly events and specials, like our current beers on tap, the cocktail of the month and our featured wines.