About Us


Creating memorable experiences. Every time.


The Nebraska Club, formerly the Intercom Club, was established in 1954 as a way for members of the Air Force and the community to socialize and enjoy great food and drink. The Club was a huge success, and it wasn’t long before it became the hub of social activity for prominent members of the community.

Today, the Nebraska Club continues to provide social and networking opportunities for our members as well as provide a premier facility for dining and cocktails. The Club also offers rental of our facility to members and the public for business and special events. We are proud to continue the legacy of our founders and offer first class experiences for our members and their valued guests.

The Nebraska Club is a non-profit organization that is run by a 17-person board of directors. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you might have about membership or rental of our facility.



Management Team


Will Herres - Executive Chef

After several years as Sous Chef at the Nebraska Club, Will Herres was promoted to Executive Chef because of his creative and inspired approach to cuisine. His experience working in clubs and restaurants throughout Lincoln gives him insight into the tastes and appetites for the Nebraska Club members. Will has had the opportunity to study with many famous chefs throughout the country and brings a southern flair to his innovative, yet familiar creations. He looks forward to updating the menu seasonally and offering local ingredients as much as he can with his dishes.

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Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors meets monthly. If you have questions or would like us to bring up a topic, please send us an email.

Korby Gilbertson, President
Doc Chaves, Vice President
Shawn Schulenberg, Treasurer
Mary Garbacz, Secretary
Riko Bishop
Shannon Harner
Rob Logsdon
Vicki Powell
Walter Radcliffe
John Stinner
Lynn Rex
Bill Ryan
Mark Whitehead
Kurt Yost
Pat Young